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Business Card Design for Match Group



Graphic Design

Brand Identity​


June 2017


Though our company, eureka, inc., which is the leading online dating company, has a reputation and is famous in IT industry in Japan, a business card of eureka would not bring enough recognition when used overseas.


However, a business card with our parent brand Match Group, which owns Tinder and other dating apps worldwide, could help give more attention to the business card holder.


Yet, the most challenging part of this project is to design with many logos to represent Match Group as a whole.


Since it was my first time designing a business card, after browsing an abundant amount of business cards, I first brainstormed as many patterns as possible. 


Finally, I narrowed it down to these few patterns and handed it over to our CEO to choose.


This design is the chosen one. My original idea is to have the white Match Group logos on the back to be embossed, and the card to be printed on a matt coated paper. However, the printing agency said that the embossing cannot be made on a matt coated paper. As an alternative, we tried both the embossed white Match Group logos on a normal paper and a blue foil stamping of the logos on a matt coated paper.


The result turned out to be great as many colleagues praised that it looks much cooler than the existing business card of our company, eurek, Inc.