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Love Stories of Our Users



In order to boost the acquisition through our Facebook channel, our Marketing Team came up with the idea of interviewing our users who got married or got together through our product, and then making it into video advertisements.



Video Production


July 2017 - Nov 2017

First Round

During our first attempt, I was not involved until our marketing specialists already came back to Tokyo from the interviews in Taiwan with the clips they took with smartphones and a video camera. 


However, I strived to make the videos in high qualities, creating a romantic atmosphere of a relationship that everyone would long for in order to uplift our brand image so as to spur our audiences into registering our service. 

Cafe Dream Realization

This couple started dating and got married by using our dating app, Pairs. 


The man is from Taiwan and the girl is from Hong Kong, they met each other on Pairs.


The video at the top of this page talks about how the man flew to Hong Kong to meet the girl for the first time, and started their relationship. This one is about how the man helped the girl realize her dream of opening a cafe after they got married. 


Both videos were made especially in a vintage taste as the couple loves antiques, so that the videos best represent their relationship. As a Facebook advertisement for user acquisition, this video was made especially in smartphone screen size for the best viewing experience for our audiences. It intends to show that our users could definitely find the one, who would always support their dreams, on our app.

Confession Across the Ocean

This couple also started dating and got married by using our dating app, Pairs. 


The man is a soldier on a small island of Taiwan, and the girl was doing working holiday in Australia. After they met each other on Pairs, the girl flew all the way from Australia to the small island of Taiwan to confess. 


This video is also made especially in smartphone size for the best viewing experience for our Facebook audiences.

This video of the same couple is about how the girl had always been wanting to have a boyfriend who is identical to her, and she finally found that guy on Pairs, who has the same horoscope, values, and thoughts with her.


It intends to show that our users could definitely find The One they desire by using our app. As Taiwanese love to look at horoscopes as references for their relationships, this video had the highest acquisition on Facebook at the time so I made it into YouTube size, seeking to expand the recognition of our brand.

Found the One Who Worths

the Rest of My life

This married couple talked about how she found the one who she could depend on through Pairs.  


As our marketing specialists attended the wedding of theirs in Taiwan and recorded the process, the theme of this video is a romantic wedding.

Testimonial - Is Online Dating App Good?

This video is a testimonial discussing whether online dating apps are safe by utilizing what our users said about our app and showing their success stories by using our app. 


It intends to eliminate the hesitation of using online dating apps as well as to promote our product.

Second Round

As I did not get to participate in the planning for the shooting during the first round, it took me so much time for the video production. Since the materials I gained the first round was taken by smartphones and a video camera, I put a lot of effort into increasing the quality of the video outputs.


Thus, I actively participated from the beginning during the second round, and assigned a professional wedding videographer in Taiwan with low cost to create high-quality materials to reduce the production costs.


In order to make the production process more efficient, I started planning the theme of the videos we wanted to make before the shooting, and drew storyboards for the videographer and the director to be on the same page.


With the planned storyline, and the high-quality materials with the exact scenes I wanted, the time needed for the video production was cut down to half.

Paper, Scissors, Stone

This couple started dating through Pairs. 


They did not plan their first meet up on the third day after knowing each other on Pairs. As the girl happened to be around where the boy worked, through Facetime, they played Paper, Scissors, Stone to decide whether to meet up or not: if the boy won, the girl would visit him; if the girl won, she would just go home and not meet up with him. Eventually, the boy won, they met up, and started dating the next day.

Birthday Surprise

on the Day We Firtst Met

This couple also met on Pairs. Now they are married, and they are having a baby.

The video is about how the girl gave a birthday surprise to the guy on the first day they meet up.​

50 + 50 = 100

This couple also started dating through Pairs. 


The video is mainly talking about how we should not look for a perfect person, but a person who can make up your flaws.


On the day of the shooting, this couple suddenly could not come, so it was not filmed by the professional videographer. Yet, with the storyboard I drew, our marketing specialist was able to film it by herself. Though the materials were not of high quality, I got the exact scenes I want in order to make the video.


Outcome & Take Away

The videos of the love stories of our users tuned out to contribute substantially to our acquisition. Therefore, the third round is going to be next month.


Through trial and error, I was able to identify what can be done to improve the quality of our video advertisements while reducing the production cost. After the second round, I realized that the footage filmed based on the storyboard of our users' love story could rarely be used repetitively in other video advertisements. Hence, for the third round, instead of drawing the storyboard only for the love stories, we are going to draw it for some intimate scenes only, such as hugging and kissing, as these clips are used repetitively in other video advertisements as well since they have great performance regarding to acquisition.