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Bandage Baymax

For the first blank modification assignment for Art Toy Design, I used the wooden toy blanks Ben gave us and made a bandage Baymax.

I have been always in love with the design of Baymax for its strong sense of healing with its round shapes. I know that the modification I made with the wooden blanks would not be exactly the same, so I drew some drafts to see how I could play with the wooden blanks.

I originally drew the page on the left side and went to Michael's, thinking about buying their wooden goose egg.

However, the closest Michael's to our new building did not have this, so I just bought the rectangle ones, thinking to carve it myself.

I estimated the length I wanted the body to be, and since the shop was not ready yet, I manually sawed the head, arms, body, and the legs.

With several attempts of different approaches (and some intense arm exercises), all the body parts were finally cut!

But the body seemed too long, so I got some extra arm workout again, and finally was satisfied with the body size.

After sanding it using this tool above that I'm not sure of the name cause the shop was not ready, I started painting them white. I thought about gluing them together first, but my buddy adviced me to paint first cause otherwise the joints would be hard to paint.

After glueing them together with the wood glue, I felt it looked too much like a white android robot, so I used that sanding tool and carved out the angles of the body a bit.

Then I started drawing the details of my Baymax using pen, pencils and gray marker, giving it life!

Then I colored the cut out angles of the body white, and there goes my personal Baymax!

However as we learned in the first class, art toy is about combining two different or contrast elements. If my Baymax is just purely cute and healing, that would not be a good enough art toy. Hence, I decided to play with the combination of healing and injury, and covered my Baymax with bandages drawn with pencil.

My Baymax, though also being a healing robot, actually has a lot of wounds itself that would be lovely to be healed too. It is a projection of myself, as though I am often told that I radiate positivity, but deep down, I have a lot of traumas that would be nice to be healed by other warm people, too.

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