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Carousel Night Light

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

When I was trying to think of what I want to do with laser cut, I landed on my childhood dream of having a carousel at my bedside.

I wanted to do something with the laser cut by using the acrylic that has total internal reflection and Neopixels so that where the etched part of the acrylic pops when the light goes through. Here is where I got my inspiration from:

I started with altering the carousel AI file that I found on one of the free source websites, and turned it into a laser cut file by eliminating all the masks and all the gradients, and simplifying the images down to non-intersecting lines and shapes. Then, I divided them into four different layers.

I was very nervous about whether the laser cut file I made would work so I laser cut it on a cardboard to test it out first.

For the stand that holds the acrylic I used the cardboard box I found at home. I measured it and cut four rectangular holes to insert the acrylic. Then I built the Neopixels for the first time with same distance to each other as the holes so that the light shines through the holes. Then I put them inside the box along with the Arduino.

Lastly, I started laser cut the blue fluorescent acrylic after making the size of the square smaller on the AI file so that it fits the holes on the cardboard box.

After inserting them onto the cardboard box, there it goes, my childhood dream has come true.

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