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Despair vs Hope Foil Sculpture

My first original art toy character! I have not thought of a suitable name for it for now, so I would just call it Despair vs Hope.

I was very excited to be able to create my own art toy character, so I made a vision board for all the things that I am fond of.

Eventually, I decided to expand on a character I drew for a picture book for my ex after we broke up.

The heart lost bunny was a sad character, which itself alone cannot be an art toy in strict definition as it is very one dimensional.

Hence, I created another version of her that includes both the despair of love and the hope of the most fun experience of life.

I originally wanted to use apoxie for the sculpture as I feel the shape of my character is a little more refined, but I could not wait so I started using foil.

I was right that foil might have been harder to use than apoxie for the first sculpture of my character. As I wanted to make refined shape of my character, I ended up having to put a lot more pieces of foil which made my bunny looked collapsed when all the body parts did not stick together. As a result, I have to put on even more pieces of foil to try to cover different body parts to have them become one whole piece.

My bunny, being heartbroken from the past, though the no-commitment dating scene in NYC can be very frustrating, looking on the bright side, it could also be the most fun and unique experience as a single girl that might be hard to gain anywhere else in the world exactly because of the brilliant variety of the population in the city.

Eventually, I wanted to see if my bunny would look more as a sculpture piece instead of a chunk of foil, I tried to spray it in gray. I am still not sure what color I want her to be, possibly white, but a stone color could add meaning to it as well. As it could be that the bunny seeking hope despite of her despair turned into a statue eventually, not having her ultimate dream, a true love, realized. Gray also adds on a sad tone to it. Yet, I might still prefer white and add patterns on it that reflect on my concept like my previous art toy, Bandage Baymax, and possibly remain a cohesive style of my own.

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