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Digital Footprint

This are the places I have been since January 2018 when I lived in Tokyo.

First of all, I downloaded my posts and events I created, I attended, and I got invited. However, with those JSON file, I could not figure out a way to represent myself meaningfully. I thought about visualizing the location of the events I attended. Yet, the JSON file from Facebook does not provide the location of the events but only something called "timestamps". That said, I also thought about visualizing the time of the events, and wanted see if there were certain period of time that I particularly attend many events and are relatively social. Alas, I still could not figure out the mysterious code for timestamps and what exactly time and date it represents.

Hence, eventually, I downloaded the JSON file of my Google location history from, and put it into a heat map as I wanted to see all the places I have been to. I have been to 15 countries so far if my count is still right, and I have lived in Tokyo for the 1/3 of my life besides growing up in Taiwan. I was a bit disappointed by what I saw though... I realized the earliest location data I could retrieve from Google only dated back to January 2018. I wonder why I do not have a larger period of time for my data. Morgan's data has 2 years in it, so I also wonder if that was when Google finally started collecting our location information.

I eventually chose the heat map which I got the inspiration from Morgan, is because I have seen a lot of data visualizations of location history already with little circle dots. Thus, I wanted to do something that is more intuitively emotive. I think showing where I have been to with a heat map gives the direct feel of where I spent most of my time, and where I left the most of my temperature to. It is interesting to see how the places I have only been through trains stopping by are in this very shallow light blue color just accurately indicates that I have only briefly pass by though places, and did not even stopped. From the heat map, I also realized I have never passed the upper half of central park besides how I mostly spend my time in lower Manhattan where the school is and around Park Slope where my house is as well as around DeKalb Avenue Station where I do my grocery shopping. I look forward to more heat appearing on the world map in the future.

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