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Domino Switch Circuit

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Here it is! My very first creative switch circuit (somehow)!


It is derived from the concept of the dominos. I thought it would be cool to have a series of metal dominos to turn on the switch when they all collapse and touch each other. However, I could not really find the metal pieces closer to a shape of a domino, so I thought I could also just put a series of metals next to each other closely, and knock them down to create a closed circuit.

At first, I tried rolling a heavy metal cylinder to initiate the collapse, and it worked. However, inspired by Madison's switch project, which has a copper ball running down a slope taped with copper tape, I thought I could use a slope for the metal cylinder to roll instead of manually rolling it. It worked as well, just that it is a bit hard to see the slop and the intriguingness of it from the bird view (little reminder for myself - remember to document the project in the way that best presents it).

In addition, though the first one was probably more intriguing with the slope and gravitational acceleration, but it could not be repeated like the first attempt, and I thought repetition is also one of the key natures of a switch.

While later on, I attempted to put on more LEDs, but the switch just did not work anymore. I made sure the circuit was correct, and that I had enough power supply. However, maybe the power supply was too "enough", I eventually found out that the LEDs were burnt out already even before they light up. I made sure I added the resistor, and I simply just added more 3 more LEDs sequently after the first one I lit up with the switch, so I really do not know what was wrong with it. (FRUSTRATION!!)


Before the switch project, I did the labs covered in class with Yves. The first time we succeeded in lighting the LED, we literally enjoyed the sheer joy of seeing the LED being lit up. It was as rewarding as our professor David described!

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