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Elevator Soundwalk Reflection

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Last week, we finally presented our elevator soundwalk.

Honestly, I was pretty nervous about how other people would react or think about our soundwalk. Here are some comments we got.


A lot of people mentioned about the guilt of having to press a lot of buttons of different floors with other people in the elevator. Hence, it was a bit difficult to get into the experience, as most of the time our listeners were anxious about not getting to the designated floor as well as the helplessness of not being able to control the elevator, and confused especially when the buttons just do not work (should Tisch get new elevators as they seem too old?).

"The Layers in Reality"

We were happy to hear some mentioned that they felt "the layers in reality" as the beeping echos in the end when the elevator was going to the lobby. They said the mix of the reality and the echoing makes them appreciate the sound of the beeping more, which was one of our intention - to think about the elevator and appreciate it.

"Miss Match of Desire and Opportunities"

As professor Marina Zurkow commented that she felt our audio piece is sort of redundant for what was real, she suggested us to notice 2 other opportunities of our piece.

  1. Create an elevator experience not in the elevator

  2. Amplify on what elevator does

I really like the first opportunities, and I did think about it while we were still working on it. I was thinking that the audio makes the elevator ride so real, we could have our listeners in a closed tiny space, or even just a huge cardboard box, and have them listen to our elevator soundwalk to recreate the elevator experience. However, I then quickly thought but a soundwalk is supposed to take place at where it is about, and the mix of reality and the audio seems to be one of the core nature of it. Yet, if I have a chance to put our work in a museum, I would like to recreate that experience with a huge cardboard box, especially after experiencing the Amtrack ride from New York to Boston at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum yesterday, with the headset providing the sound of the train, while sitting on a wooden chair or holding a pillow that vibrates just as if I was literally sitting on the moving Amtrack.

In addition, our description was too long, if we simply wrote "Please pressed the button to 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, and 1 floor and close your eyes during the soundwalk" the listeners would have been more well informed.


Overall, I was pretty happy about my collaboration experience with Olivia Kung, and Son Luu. I like how we all contributed our time evenly on the project, so no one felt like they were the only one who was working on it. I also like how we made every decision together, and avoided waste of time on do-over. What I enjoyed the most was that our leadership compensated each other. During the beginning of the project, Son was the leader to put together meetings; while during the editing process, since Olivia has experience with Audition, and I have experience with After Effects, our leadership on editing came out in turns. I felt the opinions in our group were very well-balanced and well-heard. As everyone engaged, committed, spoke, listened, and compromised, it was certainly not a one-man show but a true collaboration.