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First Iteration Series

Finished my first iteration series!

This week I finally got my 3D scan file from LaGuardia Studio, and I spent 3.5 hours smoothing and modifying the file using ZBrush (Thanks to the staff in LaGuardia Studio) as well as making the heart that would fit inside the body of the bunny.

Having the 3D model file, I 3D printed it myself first to see how similar it is to the wool felting version I made.

Then I spent a whole day just modifying the file to make the bunny look more similar to the wool felting version, especially the ears using Blender.

And I 3D printed again to make sure it is the final 3D model version that I wanted, though the size is still slightly bigger than the wool felting version, so I might 3D print again with the same size as the wool felting version for concrete casting, or I might just felt needling more to make the wool felting version as big as the 3D print version.

Today I also sent my newest modified bunny to LaGuardia Studio for 3D printing. I ordered it in a squashy material, which the softness and flexibility depends on the color of that material called agilus. The more color I want to add to the material the harder it would be. In addition, it is not possible to have it color mapped on this particular materials, so had to created shells for the areas I want a different color. Furthermore, we could not accurately preview the color on this particular material, so LaGuardia Studio is going to print a few samples within the color range I assigned and have me choose the exact colors I want. It would be a process, yet, I am extremely excited but also nervous about it.

For now, here is my little series, which hear would you heart ❤️

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