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Flashlight Earrings

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

For my first fabrication project, as the theme is to create a flashlight, I instantly thought of creating a pair of glowing earrings.

I was originally thinking about making the earrings in cube like the top one in my sketch, but then after consulting with Maya and Morgan, they suggested me to just use the size of the material I got from Canal Plastics, instead of trying to laser cut it into little pieces and piece them back together as I have not learned how to laser cut yet. Therefore, I drew the bottom one in my sketch, which is what I based on eventually.

Being inspired by Yves's sponge switch for her dancing shoes,

I thought I could apply the same mechanism to my flashlight earrings and light them up by squeezing them.

I made a whole in the sponge, and but the coin battery on one side, then put the two legs of the LED on each side of the sponge and made sure they touch the coin battery when squeezed.

Then I mounted it in between the two acrylic plastics. Lastly, I sealed the edges of the square earrings with a special kind of shiny transparent paper, but that is the hardest part. I first tried to stick them with roo glue as I could not find double-sided tapes which I am not sure if it would work anyways. However, the paper got really dirty with all the residue of the glue on it, and it did not stick well on the acrylic plastics either. Thus, I tried use translucent tapes and taped the whole side on top of the plastic paper, and it worked pretty well. Yet, the beauty of the shiny transparent paper would be hidden. Eventually, I decided to just use the translucent tapes but taped only the two sides of the shiny transparent paper onto the acrylic plastics, leaving the majority of it exposed. In addition, I also taped it side ways to make sure they stick onto the acrylic plastics when I squeeze the earrings. Finally, I carved a little hole on the shiny transparent paper using a utility life, took the hooks off my own earrings, and hooked them on to the shiny transparent paper.

Honestly, it would be much easier to seal the earrings had I not use the sponge switch and had to squeeze them. Perhaps I could have used a tiny toggle switch, which I just saw Veronica bought it after I was already sealing my earrings, so that the earrings could stay shinny and it would be much easier to seal the four sides of the square, but that would be another story.

I am pretty happy with how the squishy flashlight earrings turned out though. I like the squeezing technique to turn it on. I am also glad that the way I came up with sealing the four sides of the square worked and that the squeezing could be allowed since the sides I made are flexible and the surface area of the sides could be changed.

Maybe this could be part of my Halloween outfit. Happy Halloween! Haha!

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