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Hedwig and the Angry Inch

I almost cried when listening/reading the play: Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

I. The World of the Play

The space of the play is both interior and exterior. It switches among inside the houses, outside world, and stages.

The time of the play is stretched within the main character's life time. It goes back and forth to the past of the main character and to the present.

The mood of the play is melancholy, anger, and disconnection in general. The tone of it is sensitive, emotional, passionate, and sarcastic. They are expressed through music, the color of the lighting, and the voice of the main character.

II. The Social World of the Play

The world of the play switches between public and private. Most of the time, the main character either was isolated or interacting with one other person.

The figures in this play are pretty exaggerated to emphasize on their personalities, but also subtle at the same time with their emotions and feelings. Some of the figures in the play wear wigs. A lot of the interactions happened in the play are through conversations, talkings, and questions.

The language habit of the play is mainly monologue, but the languages of the feelings of anger, confusion, sorrow, and disconnection are expressed through songs and musics. The language was pretty vivid and metaphorical. And the silence are dead and heavy.

III. What Changes?

The gender identity, the mindset, and the belief in love of the main character changed. The time moved from early life stage to later life stage of the main character. The tone of the language changed from confusion to anger, embarrassment, disappointment, and self-reflection. The whole play changed from innocence to the realization of the realistic world and the liberation of the control of power. The belief in love is to find the lost other half to become one seems to stay the same. The mood of the play changed from suppression to explosion. At the end of the play, the world of the play was a transformed perspective of the reality of the main character.

IV. Don't Forget Yourself

I feel extremely empathetic of the main character. I almost cried at the end of the play, when the emotion of the play exploded.

V. Theatrical Mirrors

I did not really understand all the reference that the play suggested, but from the ones I did understand, it wanted to reference to the obscureness of love.

Concept Sentence

One Simple Sentence:

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is about acceptance and power dynamic.

One Complex Sentence:

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is about accepting oneself, and searching for the acceptance by this world, as well as the power dynamic in love.

Three to Five Sentence version of the story:

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is about discovering one's gender identity, from innocence and confusion to the realization of the realistic world and the disappointment in and disconnection with that world. It went from supression to liberation and Explosion. It demands the audience's empathy and echos all of our desire to be accepted by the world as who we are in nature.

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