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LED Candle Holder

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

For the fastening-two-different-material project, I used wood veneer and created an LED candle holder.

After knowing wood veneer could be used as shields for lights to go through, I decided to create a wood veneer (LED) candle holder.

I got the wood veneer from Blick and started cutting them into narrower stripes, etched them with long and thin stripes, and also nibbled little dots on them, imagining the light would go through and create some interesting patterns.

For the most difficult part, following the advice from Elvin, I made all the stripes damp with water, then I bent them and hardened them little by little with a heat gun. I managed to perfectly bent two of the five stripes, but also broke three of them.

Then I put them all together through the whole I nibbled with a screw and a washer for the top, and screw the bottom directly onto the birch round plate.

Here it goes, my very first wood veneer (LED) candle holder!

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