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Questions to the Idea

Think of the Alternate/Alternative Now – what does it look like?  Taste like?  Smell like?  Feel like?

I imagine the alternative/sustainable version of the plastic or silicon would still look transparent or translucent, and doesn't have the chemical not-so-pleasant plastic smell, and would still feel soft and smooth.

What Questions do you want to see answered or problems you’d like to see addressed?

I want to incorporate warmth, scent, and weight for my hugging device, so the sustainable plastic material needs to be able to endure heat and has to be durable.

Silicon is also a very heavy material, and since I want to develop a human size hugging device, the alternative material needs to be lighter ideally.

What do you wish you could make? 

A sustainable inflatable material with natural ingredient.

What science/biology stuff do you want to play with and why?

I am not too sure regarding the science aspect, which is also the biggest obstacle I feel as I would have to research into how existed materials made with natural ingredient, how the natural ingredient is extracted, and how it transformed.