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Rest of You

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

This has been one of my personal focus for awhile since I realized many of our behaviors and emotions are driven by an unconscious force that a lot of people are not aware of. Many of us think that, of course they understand themselves, no one should understand them better than they do. However, the truth is, they recognize the surface feelings rather than truly aware of the underlying motivation and cause. Some people might consider I am obsessed over analyzing human interactions and dynamics. Yet, I spend most of my time on a daily basis asking, observing, and contemplating, so that I understand those around me and myself more, and hopefully, throughout the process of the conversation with me, they could gain a little more insight about themselves as well. After all, I believe only through truly being aware of the underlying hidden motivation and cause could we live our lives a little bit more smoothly.

We live in our illusion much more than we think on a pretty scary level that could fundamentally question us what reality we actually live in and whether the objective reality is even accessible. Take our memory for instance, no one has an objective factual memory. Our memory is subjective and can be created by our own mind, and thus, we could actually have the memory of something that never happened. Same with our senes, after visiting the exhibition THE SENSES: DESIGN BEYOND VISION at Cooper Hewitt, how our senses are more illusion than we thought becomes even clearer.

Therefore, for this semester, I would like to delve into either, the illusion of our memory and whether AR, VR or any other forms of technology could help us retrieve a more accurate memory, or the illusion of our senses by manipulating one with another, especially scent and taste. Scent and taste have been two most abstract and ineffable senses among others, which gives it more space for our mind to fit them into whatever we imagine or associate. In addition, scent and taste often affect our unconsciousness on a deeper level. For example, one theory suggests that scents indicate physical compatibility the strongest. Hence, if two people like each other's scent, often then not, it implies that two people are probably biologically compatible. In other words, scent plays a far more important role in attraction than we are aware of. These are some of the topics I would like to explore throughout this class.

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