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Reverie Field Concept and Planning

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

I realized Morgan and I have similar concept regarding our PComp finals, so we decided to collaborate together. Morgan originally wanna create light arrays that store memory and have another person/machine operate/manipulate that memory. While I was thinking about tapping into the vulnerability and emotions in people and express them through lights. We eventually combined our ideas, landed on this concept, and decided to call our project Reverie Field.


The reverie field stores the memories of a user and transforms/manipulates them in such a way so that the user must think about and dive deeper into the emotions that are connected with each particular memory.

  • Have the user put their single hand on the panel as a personal input to activate the system.

  • The emotions brought up in each person are byproducts of them thinking about those memories and focusing on their inner selves.

  • Each light is a byproduct of the memory and the person’s emotions as they could change throughout the memory.

  • Each bulb is a representation of emotion that each user holds onto.

  • Each user chooses a category of emotion they would like to upload (Happiness, Frustration, Anger, Sadness, Fear), then they see how the result of the uploaded emotion affects/contributes to the display of the light bulb array. The user could keep pressing a single category to go further down that path and deepen the effect on the light bulb array.

  • As the user goes down each level of emotional depth the light pattern begins to change in n^2 possibilities if we decide to create unique result of each level of each emotion.

  • Different light patterns as a final result of each individual person.

  • After the user finishes uploading and making the effect on the light bulb array, they could walk under array. The light bulbs would sink and so the user would be surrounded by the expression of their own emotions.

At the end of the experience when the lights drop down the goal is to have people reflect on the memories they thought of and emotions that were associated with those memories and come to the conclusions that all of these things in part make them who they are.

User Interaction Sketch (WIP)

Script for the Audio Ver. 1

(Voice candidates: Nick Gregg, August, Sky Nelson)

  • Hello.

  • Think of a memory that has been on your mind lately

  • Please take a moment to focus on that memory.

  • Place your hand on the glowing portion of the console and upload that memory into the reverie field.

  • Music/sound plays to denote the memory is being uploaded

  • As you think more about this memory what emotions do you feel?

  • Please put pressure on the finger that corresponds to the general emotion you feel when thinking about this particular memory

System Diagram

User Interaction

  • User walks up to the console

  • At this point all lights are off except for the hand input.

  • Once the user puts their hand on the hand mark then a wave of initial lights shoots over the array.

  • The console is fully lit and the user begins following the prompts


Initial Bill of Materials (WIP)

This is a pretty big project, but both Morgan and I are extremely excited about our concept, and determined to realize it!


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