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Reverie Field Progress

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Throughout the past three weeks, Morgan and I have built the light arrays with some lighting patterns, and connected the FSR.

Two weeks ago, we started trying to light up the bulbs with power tail and relay but they could only help light up and dim one bulb. After talking to Yeseul, we tried lighting up and dimming 8 bulbs at once with the 8 channel dimmer that we borrowed from the second year and the testing light bulbs we got.

Then we switched the testing light bulbs with the incandescent light bulbs that we chose for our actual project, and it worked great!

We also tried attach FSR to control the lighting pattern.

During our first play test with prerecorded audio, laser cut acrylic console interface design, hanging cardboard light bulbs, and a drawn circle symbolizing the size of the light array, we got a lot of great feedbacks from our peers, including voice preference for audio, insights into the interface design, and how they perceive the light controlled by their fingers.

Last week, we assembled our own 8 channel dimmer from scratch referencing the dimmer we borrowed. It successfully lit up all 8 bulbs as well. We also started testing with 5 FSRs.

Today, we tested 15 light bulbs all lit up together with an Arduino MEGA that provides us sufficient pins to plug in our light bulbs. It worked well with our 5 FSRs and we successfully controlled the light patterns with them.

We are getting very excited about how our project turns out!

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