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Reverse Siren

Defne Onen, Jillian Zhong and I created a siren by ourselves as our first non-video light sculpture.

The siren displays an anxious light pattern on its own. However, when a visitor touches the small circle in front of the siren, the light pattern changes from jumping around anxiously to wiping slowly and relatively peacefully.

The intention behind this piece, is to use light to change people's existing perspective of a siren. Therefore, we have the siren does the opposite as what it supposed to do when it is touched.

The longest time we spent during the process of the development is to figure out a way to have the momentary touch sensor work with Neopixels without using the delay code. Eventually, we referred to these example codes and made the light pattern changing work with the sensor after a few hours of attempt.

As for fabrication, we used the recycled granola cup as our perfect siren container and Jillian frosted glass spray to defuse the light. Finally, Defne laser cut the interface and assembled our siren light sculpture together.

We originally designed it to have a pleasant sound like choir when it is touched along with the slow wiping light pattern. Yet, due to time limitation, we eliminated that feature and saved it for the future. Ultimately, we thought it would have a pretty strong impact and feel when the siren is displayed in a large array on the wall.

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