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Rotative LED Candle Holder

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

For our motor project I used the LED candle holder I created last week and created a rotative version of it.

I used the wood I cut down for my wooden arrow wall art and used wood glue to stick them together as a wooden plate basis underneath the LED candle holder.

I used the electronic calibrator to measure the size of the white protrusion on the TT motor.

Then I drilled the holes using 1/8 inch drill bit on both the wooden plate basis and the birch round plate so that I could stick the white protrusion of the TT motor directly onto them.

I asked Nun for advice on how to drill the exact same shape, and she told me I could just drill it sideway, and it worked perfectly! After mounting the motor in between the wooden plate basis and the birch round plate, my rotative LED candle holder is completed!

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