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Listening to More of You - Scent and Pupil

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

I have found myself strongly reacted to scent, yet, it is such a subjective sense that is centered to many mysterious theories. The study from Brown University states that our perspective towards scents are associated with personal and cultural experience. As I have always wanted to explore the intersection of memory and scent and how it affects our unconsciousness on a deep level, I want to take scent as my research subject for the rest of this class. Hopefully, this would help develop my graduation thesis.

The question that I would like to explore now is whether the perspective of scent could be overwritten since it is formed based on past experience.

First of all, I did not know what body parts would actually change when smelling a pleasant or unpleasant scent. Besides, sweat and heartbeat that I would like to test out the following weeks, I wanted to try with our Pupil Labs Headgear to see if there is any correlation between scent and the size of our pupil.

Throughout the experiment with the Pupil Labs Headgear, I smelled cookies, tabaccos, tea, friend, glue, paint, and shoe, intending on collecting predefined pleasant and unpleasant scent. Based on my observation, for the cookie, wood glue, and tea, my pupil shrunk, while for others, it barely changed its sized. It can be argued that others did not have as strong and distinctive scent as the ones that triggered the changed. Yet, I could not firmly state the correlationship between pleasant scent or unpleasant scent and pupil size change as I found the cookie extremely good smelling; while the wood glue an intriguing smell that I could find it either pleasant or stimulating; and the tea was sort of in between and mild. Perhaps there is no correlationship between the scent and the size of the pupil, but I still wanted to see if I could have discovered some undiscovered.

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