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Trash Crisis - Storyboarding

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

For our video piece, Eva, Morgan and I came up with the theme addressing the environmental issue. Here is our storyboards.

The video starts with a couple dating in NYC, passing by beautiful spots in the city. After they saw a random person throwing wrappers on the ground, on their way home, the whole city view gradually becomes to be made of trash. They went to their favorite coffee shop, but it turns out to be a dumper; while the coffee given was just an empty coffee cup with used straw in it.

As much as they are shock, they try not to be bothered too much and continue their date through the canal filled with trash, they even see people feeing cardboards to birds in the park. When they finally reach home, they realize that the stoop is filled with trash that they cannot even walk in. While they climb the trash to get home, the scene rewind to when they see the random person throwing wrappers on the ground. This time, they confront the person, and the video ends with a question for audience to think about our future and the importance of properly removing trash.

We used Long Shot to show the beautiful panorama of the parks in NY, as well as Medium Shot and Close Up Shot to focus on the action of littering and the shocking reactions of the couple. We also used Over-The-Shoulder Shot to indicate the couple seeing the littering and the trash, as well as some Low and High Angle Shot to emphasize on the amount of trash accumulated.

Here is our one paragraph synopsis, and the details of the shots for each scene.

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