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Sustainability for Inflatable Materials?

My thesis has been around the keyword "comfort". There are serious traumatic reaction and stress disorder that have specific medication and treatment for, while there is also a group of people who think there is nothing mentally wrong about them. Yet, most of us are in the in between area of the two where we feel down, low, blue, and depressed but not depression in which we wouldn't be able to function, while what we feel is manageable but affecting our productivity. Scientific study shows that physical touch helps increase the chemicals in our brain that improve our mental state, while texting does not. Hence, I want to develop a hugging device that hugs people.

In order to provide the pressure, what I could think of is using inflatable. While listening to Maggie Coblentz's presentation, I realized there is already a human-sized hugging device developed to put to test in zero-gravity. It used inflatable as well. Most of the inflatable materials are plastic or silicon which is not necessarily sustainable for our environment on earth, let along in outer space.

Along with the future of commercial space traveling coming, keeping in mind of the sustainability for both our dear planet the Earth and the outer space becomes more and more crucial. I was thinking about if I could combine other comfort food element like cocoa and see if there is a link or clue for it to help the sustainability of the material for inflatables.

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