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Traffic Light

This week I tried to reproduce what David demonstrated in class 3 weeks ago - a traffic light triggered by a button!

The red, yellow, and green LED light up respectively in order when the button is pressed.

Thanks for Aaron and Barak who helped me debug when it did not work. It also reminded me of the importance of going through the most tedious and basic steps when debugging step by step just like David taught us in class. As the saying goes, "The devils is in the detail." I felt horrible taking their time when finding out the circuit did not work just because of my simple and stupid mistakes.

Before this, I also did the super basic labs that I skipped in week 2.

Measure the resistance of a resistor using a meter.

Measure the voltage of an LED.

Measure the voltage of the closed circuit.

Measure the voltage of the paralleled LEDs.

Light the LED with a potentiometer.

Light the LED with 3 paralleled switches.

Light the LED with 3 switches in serial.

Connect to a motor.

Connect a motor and an LED.

After finishing all the labs, I hope I'm ready for the Halloween midterm project!