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Trash Crisis - filming

After having the storyboard drawn last week, this week we started planning a shooting schedule and tried to get as much scenes we planned as possible.

We started at Prospect Park to get some scenic scenes, then went to Park Slope to film the climax of our video project - the trashy stoop! It turned out pretty satisfying in my opinion.

Then we went to a bagel place to film the littering scenes. After we were done with that, the first battery died, so we tried the batteries we checked out from the ER but they were dead even without us using them. We had no choice but to film the rest the next day.

Eventually, we filmed the feeding pigeons cardboards scenes at Washington Square Park as well as our opening scenes at Brooklyn Bridge Park the next day. It was super romantic! After hearing professor Marina mentioning about the impact and significance of how we portrait the couple, Eva and I decided to star as a couple, we got better and better at being a couple the more scenes we shot!

Little Takeaway

To shoot videos, I realized there are SO many details that we have to pay attention to - white balance, focus, aperture, ISO, lenses, angles, frame rate, shutter rate, and whether it is overexposed or not, etc. It is very easy to omit some of the details while not being familiar to the camera itself. Maybe make a little check list next time when shooting might be a good idea to remind myself.

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