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Trash Crisis Presented

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Together with Morgan Mueller, and Eva Phillips, we hereby present our final Video and Sound project - City of Trash.

After feeling stressed and behind other groups during our rough cut presentation last week, this week we made sure we spent more time editing together. Even though during the editing, usually only one person can do the work, but we thought it was more efficient in that since we made all the decisions together, it would be less likely for us to have to redo and make changes after working on it separately. In addition, working all together was just easier to make sure the file function properly, especially since we already experienced edits being lost cause of us opening the file at the same time on different laptops. This week, we first finely trimmed the scenes together, then we added another background music to give the film a different feel on the second half. We also finished the credits and the end rolls. I further altered the sound effects and the balance among them, the narration and the background music especially since my sound edits disappeared when we presented last week, so I wanted to make sure it was there. I also made the rewinding scenes in After Effects just to save some time since we did not figure out the sequence problem. Then we put it together with the rewinding sound effect that Eva found. Moreover, we rerecorded the narration so that Morgan's voice over is in a higher pitch and with clearer pronunciation. Finally, we came up with the idea of gradually changing the scenes of things going wrong into black and white, and after the rewind, show our actions in color to represent the alternative realities, and the colored one should be the one we choose.

Even though I did a lot of video shooting and editing before coming to ITP at my previous job. However, I was mainly using After Effects, and learned by try and error. As I self taught After Effects first, and had gotten used to using it, it became really hard for me when I tried to use Premiere at work. Hence, one of the few reasons I wanted to take this class was to be comfortable with Premiere, and here, I did it! It took me quite some time to get used to it though. I realized that I had to be super cautious when trimming the video so that I don't accidentally delete other tracks without realizing it, which happened also during our editing process. I also feel the sound was a bit harder to edit than in Audition, for example, the cross resolve effect. In Premiere, it just overwrites the previous one. Yet, at least now, I would not feel so clueless with Premiere anymore.

Despite my video production experience, it is still my first time making a film-ish video. To make a film, storytelling became very important. How to convey our message through the plot? How to pace it till we reach the climax? How to keep the visual continuity without being too redundant? How to add sound effect so that everything flows naturally? When filming, what are all the settings and properties that we have to pay attention to so that we could reduce our postproduction and editing time? There are so much knowledge in it. I know we only explored a tip of an iceberg in film production. Since I want to be able to involve myself in some title sequence production process, I am happy now that I know a bit more about film production, I am a bit closer to my goal. I also enjoy acting as well ;)

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