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"Trick or Treat?" Box Prototype

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

This week Yunze and I started to do some mockups for our Halloween project - "Trick or Treat?" Box.

We want to create a wonder box which users would

  • knock on the table,

  • and the door itself opens automatically.

  • Inside the box, users would see a tomb plate, and a ghost behind the tomb plate with a clock behind.

  • After users push the pushbutton, the tomb plate would tell them if they got a trick or treat. If it is a trick then the ghost would start flying, and the clock would go crazy with scary lighting and music.

  • If it is a treat, then users get some corn candies from the tomb plate with happy music

Rough sketch for our ideas.

We started by mocking up the tomb plate dispensing candies function with screws.

Then we tried to move the door with a servo.

During our first mockup session, we also made the ghost move with a servo, but we wold like to improve it, as it didn't move smoothly.

Ultimately, we realized it is very crucial to stick things onto the servo as firm as possible and possibly have a strong servo to make things work smoothly. We felt our servo was very weak.

After we did some mockups, we started building the actual tomb plate and try to make all the mechanisms work.

Lastly, we combined all the mechanism on the same Arduino with a ultrasonic sensor for the door to have a creeking sound when opened.

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