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Upside Down

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

For my unreal debut, I first created an island using some of the materials I downloaded for free from the websites Marianne provided. I flipped the island after Nick Gregg suggesting me to play around with different orientation, then I added the spiral stairs on top of it after Aaron taught me how to navigate the world I created and adding elements as he was creating stone stairs. I turned the stairs into glass material one surface after one, and then I imported the animated person I created using Fuse and Maximo the week before on to the sequence. I also animated her doing a sequence of other actions, and had her stretch first and then run to the edge of the island, climbed to the other side, and climb the glass stairs. As she climbs the stairs she also gets larger since the staircases are huge compared to her original size. In the end, she jumps out of the island and flies. Finally, I added the camera, I wanted to create this illusion of the world being normal but actually upside down, so I flipped the camera 180 degree completely, and flipped it back as the character climbs to the other side.

#ITP #animation #unreal #maximo #Fuse