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Wooden Arrow Wall Art

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Here it goes, my small step of becoming a great craftsman!

At first, I did not know what to make but I knew I wanted to make something that I would actually use in my room. Eventually, I googled "simple wood project" and decided to make the wooden arrow wall art from this website.

I started planning the process without looking into the instructions of making them.

Then I built my "first pancake" as prototype.

I used a piece of unlabeled wood I found in the bin, and started making the prototype. It took me the most time to make it in order to figure out how I am going to cut it and what tool I should use. At first I tried cutting it with the band saw, but it really could not follow the guidelines I drew. Hence, I tried the miter saw. Though the miter saw cut ate the wood more than the band saw, it was way straighter and faster, so I decided to use the miter saw for my actual wooden arrow wall art.

I started making the actual wooden arrows by drawing the lines after I got the wood sticks from Home Depot. White I was drawing the lines, I actually realize that there could have been a better way to draw it without losing so much wood. The way I drew it was cutting them into blocks, then cut the angles for each piece. However, I realized I could have just drawn the diagonal lines and cut them into angled shape without cutting them into blocks first. Yet, considering how small our shop is, maybe cutting them into blocks was still a better way to do it.

I first cut them into 18cm blocks. After watching and learning from Veronica, I put a big wood piece as stop block and clamped it with another small piece of wood so that it was tight and could not be moved.

I realized I was pushing the wood block with the helping stick too much, and they would fly away, so I started just pushing the helping stick lightly, and then the wood was cut beautifully.

Then I cut the 45-degree angles also with the stop blocks and the little wood stick so that I would not cut my fingers.

Eventually, I sanded them. When I was thinking about how to put them together, I thought I had two options. I could use the wood glue which was what I used for the prototype, or I could use the dwell as Ben showed us in class. I remember Ben mentioned that dwells are more for the precision, and glue is more for permanent, I could not really decide. After consulting with Ashley, I decided to just glue them as she mentioned it might be harder to use the dwell but easier with the glue for the precision especially regarding the angles I was dealing with. I matched the pieces that seem to match with each other's angles and shapes more perfectly (close to) then I glued them with thin layer since I squeezed too much glue on it for the prototype and the glue came out.

Finally, after Matt taught me how to use the wood stain, I stained all the woods instead of painting or spraying them as I originally planned because wood stain keeps the texture of the wood which is what I want especially as I tried to the wood sticks with beautiful lines on them.

After letting them dry for two hours. The wooden arrows are done!! I am so happy with the stain as it gave the wooden arrows beautiful luster that I did not expect!

I originally thought I could hang them on the walls as an array in the same direction, but then Nick Gregg suggested that I could put them in different directions and form different patterns. Arnab also came up with the idea of putting magnets in them so that then could be a wall piece that holds metals. Therefore, though I originally planned to stick the wall hook on the back on the arrows like this.

Now I decided to figure out what form I want them to be on my wall first so that I could screw the hangers in the right place. While I am typing this, I just thought of the idea of putting four of them on the back so that I could always change the form as I want! Another suggestion I got was that I could just stick the strong double-sided tapes on the back and stick them on the wall the way I want.

During the holiday season, I took the last suggestion of just sticking them on my wall with double-sided tapes, and it worked! I have also been having fun with changing the pattern of them! For the first pattern, the downward arrows did not stick well on the wall with the double-sided tapes, yet in the second pattern they stick firmly on the wall with the double-sided tapes in the direction of pointing at each other. I wonder if it is because of the proportional weight of the arrows that makes the difference, perhaps the arrow part is heavier so the tapes could not hold it strong enough when the arrow was pointing down.

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