Pricing Card UI Redesign

[IN PROGRESS] Considering consumer-centric design, the original pricing card design designed by my Japanese boss was not intuitive. I was in charge to redesign the UI of it for Taiwanese and Korean users with new information design, striving to communicate better with our global users for a better conversion rate.


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Sketch Abstract Zeplin


Jan 2018



From my cultural user research, different from the Japanese audience, I realized for both Taiwanese and Korean audiences, crossed numbers with an arrow is a rather more common intuitive way to express a discount in both cultures. ・・・・・・・・・・・・ In addition, what was supposed to be an accent occupied too much of the space on the pricing card in the original design by my previous Japanese boss. Hence, I altered the ratio of it to the pricing card and made it a ribbon-like shape to still catch the eyes of the audience.


The design process is now work in progress, please check back in later!