Summer Job 2016

As eureka, Inc., the Japanese leading dating app company, grew larger, it started its summer internship recruitment as well as boosting its brand image. As the in-house designer, I was in charge of the web design as we developed our first summer intern recruitment website in 2016.


Wireframing Web design Brand Identity


Sketch Zeplin


May 2016 - June 2016



As an in-house designer, I was in charge of designing internship recruiting website to enhance the brand image and reputation of eureka, Inc., the leading Japanese dating app company which was acquired by Match Group, IAC , as we recruited engineer, designer, and product manager interns. ・・・・・・・・・・・・ When designing this website, I focused on creating the impact while maintaining the company's brand image.


Design a Recruiting Website without Clear Direction and Instruction.

During the beginning, as the director did not really have a concrete image of what the website should look like. It took me some time to grasp what he wanted the website to have by putting together all the keywords he mentioned. Among all of them, the most important one was IMPACT.


Research to Find Our Own Voice.

I started with researching and analyzing other prestigious brands' websites and their recruiting pages. I compiled all the elements we needed for our website, including the summary of our internship program, introduction of our mentors, hiring flow, the location of our office, and information about eureka, Inc..


Designing from Scratch.

As eureka, Inc. which owns the leading Japanese dating app, wanted to enhance its brand image and reputation. I was in charge of the web design for its internship recruiting website as an in-house designer as we recruited engineer, designer, and product manager interns.

For engineer interns, we also had a special recruiting method which we called Bot Recruitment, so I designed a separate page for it from our general page. It included the explanation of what a Bot Recruitment is, and the step-by-step walkthrough of how to partake in the Bot Recruitment as engineering students could apply by creating a bot.

Besides the wireframes I made for the laptop screen, I also created the wireframes for the mobile view with several CV entry point throughout the page just like our laptop view.


Style it Up.

I designed the background of each section on the website with the watermark style of large bold font in light gray to give it the style of young, bold, modern, and impact. I communicated with our front-end engineer to have our special Bot Recruitment entry button glow with animation. Have the brand color of eureka, Inc. as the key color.

We also discussed about the reward for our selected interns besides the offer itself. CEO and I went over a few iteration of the design along with the reward content, and landed on the banner with San Francisco bridge in the background and a pair of laurel wreath specifying the content of our special offer which is a tour of Match Group, our parent company which owns Match.com, OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, Tinder, and Hinge, in the US including IAC headquarter in NYC, Tinder LA headquarter, Match.com office in SF. Added a simple white red batch to contrast the background and echo with the key color of the banner.


It's all about the Impact.

Even though during the beginning, it was challenging as the project manager did not really have a concrete vision for what the website should look like, and it took me some time to grasp what kind of design elements he wanted the website to have by putting together all the keywords he mentioned and did a lot of research and analysis with many other big brands' websites. However, this was the first time I designed a whole website completely from scratch all by myself using the new tool Sketch back in 2016, and learned to efficiently communicate with our front-end engineer using Zeplin, realizing how to best prepare the assets, design elements and system so that they could understand easily and systematically, reducing the amount of time for back-and-forth communication and adjustment. I also learned to explain and defend my design decisions with our CEO, making me more careful with every element in my design, and make my design stronger and more persuasive. After all, when designing corporate website communicating with the general public, it was important to create the impact we want and enhance our brand impression and reputation in the public while maintaining our company's original brand image.