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August 2017 - Present

The higher reach of the posts on our online dating service, Pairs Taiwan's Facebook fan page generates acquisition of users who contribute to higher conversion rate.

Thus, in order to boost the reach, our team came up with the idea of producing our own talk show video. The theme is about comparing love values and relationships in Taiwan and Japan. As most Taiwanese fond of Japan, we believed that this would help us achieve our goal.

Season 1

As Taiwanese guys often have some assumptions and fantasies 

about Japanese girls, we first started with a theme of comparison between Japanese and Taiwanese girls.

Episode 1

Our first episode, as shown above, was a huge Success, which gave us more than 4 times of our average reach as we reached 1.2 million people.


Regarding the visual effects, I took Taiwanese talk shows as a reference, striving to create a video that is like a television show.

Other Episodes

Episode 2

Episode 4

Episode 3

Episode 5

The rest of the episodes continued to reach around 800 thousand people. Episode 4 was even reported by one of the biggest Taiwan news channel on their Facebook fanpage.

Season 2

As season 1 helped us achieve our goal, we continued to make season 2, talking about the difference between Japanese and Taiwanese guys.


As I was the host in Season 1, I was not responsible for the videography, which resulted in me putting a lot more effort and time in the video production process. In order to reduce the video production costs while improve the quality of the video, I was responsible for the filming for Season 2. We prepared 3 video cameras instead of just 1 to catch the facial expression of the  guests and the host in different angles to increase the variety of the scenes, hopefully making it more entertaining for the audiences.

Other Episodes

Episode 2

Special Edition

Episode 5

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 6

The rest of the episodes continued to contribute to high reach.

Season 3 - Coming Soon

We are now making Season 3 which is a Christmas theme as Christmas is coming. Since we already compared Japanese and Taiwanese guys and girls, for Season 3 we added a Korean girl to talk about how relationships and the dating culture is like in Korea. We made the talk show as if we were having a girls' night, drinking, having snacks, and gossiping. Hopefully, with another culture that Taiwanese are interested in as well as the seasonal theme, we can boost our reach to another level.